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Pacific West “The taste the world loves!” is not just a tagline; it is our heart and soul that go beyond continents, people, cultures and more importantly, the food that people enjoy.

Since its inception in Australia in 1995, Pacific West has evolved over time to become a caring household seafood brand name which exudes friendliness and warmth. It evokes a vibrant calibration that gels well with the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the people who enjoy good food and good health.

Enjoyed by millions of household in the world, Pacific West’s range of products has become a family’s choice as a result of its unique attributes. Hence, we derive even greater passion and aspirations to embrace continuous product innovations and development to give our customers the best culinary experience one could expect.

As a premium brand of Golden Fresh, Pacific West is widely available in the Asia Pacific Region, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and the Middle East.

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